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 Washing Up Liquid (Unscented)

SESI Washing Up Liquid (Fragrance Free)


For people with fragrance sensitivity.

"Fragrance sensitivity is when your airways are irritated by chemicals in manufactured and/or natural scents. 1 You may experience respiratory symptoms like sneezing, wheezing, or itchy watery eyes around certain or many scents, such as those of perfumes, air fresheners, and so on."  What is Fragrance Sensitivity?


A little about SESI:

  • SESI products are vegan, cruelty free and biodegradable
  • For fragrances, SESI don’t use ‘exotic’ plants, we’re determined to cut on carbon footprint where possible
  • Customers keen to refill can afford SESI products, making the refill revolution a higher and wider environmental impact
  • At SESI we practice transparency. We are not complacent and dig deep for uncomfortable truths about any products, specially our own

Washing Up Liquid (Unscented)

PriceFrom £0.26
  • My Own: If you choose to use your own containers we will need to collect these in order to refill. We will do this on the next available delivery/collection day. Once filled we will deliver this back to you on the following delivery/collection day. 

    Pre-Loved: We have a bank of bottles and containers which have been saved from waste, cleaned out and are ready to be refilled. These will normally be bottles you can use to decant into your own at home, however, we do often have product specific bottles availble. So if you see a Washing Up Liquid Bottle on the drop down this means we can provide your liquid in the product specific bottle.

    We take all bottles and containers back to be reused again and again. You can return your bottles when we deliver your next order. Or atlernatively you can add a Container Collection to your basket (ME13 only) and we will get these on the next availble delivery/collection day.

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