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All Purpose Cleaner (Lavender & Rosemary)

SESI All Purpose Surface Cleaner (Lavender and Rosemary)


This product comes undilued and therefore not in a spray bottle. If you would like this to be provided in a spray bottle then please let us know at checkout and we can arrange this for you.

All Purpose Cleaner (Lavender & Rosemary)

PriceFrom £0.32
  • My Own: If you choose to use your own containers we will need to collect these in order to refill. We will do this on the next available delivery/collection day. Once filled we will deliver this back to you on the following delivery/collection day. 

    Pre-Loved: We have a bank of bottles and containers which have been saved from waste, cleaned out and are ready to be refilled. These will normally be bottles you can use to decant into your own at home. As the surface cleaner is designed to be diluted down at home, we can provide a pre loved spray bottle, please request this when placing your order.

    We take all bottles and containers back to be reused again and again. You can return your bottles when we deliver your next order. Or atlernatively you can add a Container Collection to your basket (ME13 only) and we will get these on the next availble delivery/collection day.

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